[Showbiz Korea] Jung Woo-sung & Kim Hyang-gi have teamed up! humane story, movie 'Innocent Witness(증인)'
  • 5년 전
Innocent Witness
Actor Jung Woo-sung is an unrivaled actor who is loved for his rich acting. Popular actress Kim Hyang-gi drew over 10 million viewers to theaters through the box office hits "Along with the Gods" parts 1 and 2. Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi have teamed up for a new touching film. Jung Woo-sung plays a lawyer who defends a suspect in a high-profile murder case and Kim Hyang-gi plays a autistic teenage girl who is sole witness. It's the new movie "Innocent Witness."
Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi create a heartwarming, humane story in "Innocent Witness." This movie will warm you all over during the cold season and will also heal you so make sure you watch "Innocent Witness."