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Best Bike In The World 2018 (Future Concept Bikes and MotorCycles)

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BMW's Vision Next 100 Motorcycle:

The concept study Vision Next 100 balances itself - and should be so sure that the driver no longer needs any protective clothing.

Even the first glance at the BMW motorcycle presented in Santa Monica in California makes it clear that the Vision Next 100 will not see anyone on the road in the next few years. The motorbike is the eye of the Munich company in the future. 2030 could look like this according to BMW motorcycles. It is a triangle with carbon trim, which only vaguely remembers the bikes of the present.

The motorcycle is the fourth and final study on the 100th anniversary of BMW. Previously, Rolls-Royce, Mini and BMW had already presented their showcars, which could also play a leading role in a science fiction movie.

A special feature of the Vision Next 100 is that the driver is no longer required to wear a helmet or protective clothing because the motorcycle itself is balanced. That is, the motorcycle does not need a stand and does not tilt even when the driver takes his feet off the ground. So far the desire. The possibility of getting into an accident, of course, continues. A helmet and other protective clothing is therefore more than advisable.

Video Credit : http://brand.bmw-motorrad.com/en/stories/design/vision-bike.html


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