Mum claims bus driver hurled abuse after she tried to pay with £20 note | SWNS TV

  • 5 years ago
A devastated mum claims a bus driver hurled a string of abuse at her when she tried to pay a £5 fare with a £20 note. Zoe Hopkins, 27 and her son Bobby, 6, boarded the bus to school on Canvey Island, Essex when she was hit with a string of insults for presenting her ticket money. The single mum claims the driver said to her "for f**** sake I have not got change for that" before reluctantly pulling the change out for the £5.50 tickets. And when she confronted the driver at the end of the trip, he called the police on her after saying: "You are from Canvey aren't you? Shows what you really are." Zoe said: "I am devastated to have been spoken to the way I was and my boy was terrified all day that I would not be arrested.