Popular Derivatives : A Guide to Alternative Investments

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Library Derivatives : A Guide to Alternative Investments
"A practitioner s guide to the derivatives market, by the author of "After the Trade Is Made Collateral debt obligations, currency rates, options, futures, and swaps--these are just a few of the complex derivatives products that can daunt even the most seasoned finance professional. And in today s highly charged and rapidly changing financial climate, it is more important than ever for investors to have a strong grasp of the derivatives market--especially when derivatives are dominating global headlines and facing new regulations. In this book, financial expert David Weiss introduces readers to the concepts of derivatives. Breaking down a complex market into its components, he systematically explains the structure, usage, and value aspect of all of the products constituting the derivatives universe. For each product, he introduces the market players, outlines the mechanics of trading, and explains the roles of regulation and oversight. For portfolio managers, brokers, financial planners, and institutional investors, "Derivatives" is an indispensable tool.

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