[Showbiz Korea] Interview with actor JUNG MIN-GYU(정민규) who's following the path of other popular model-turned-actors

  • 6년 전
Rising stars captivate the audience in various works! Showbiz Korea's NEWCOMERS is a segment where rookie stars are given a chance to show off their versatile qualities and talent. Let's meet today's rookie star~
Rookie star Jung Min-gyu is in the spotlight for his tall frame and good looks and he's a rising star who's following the path of other popular model-turned-actors. He is ready to become the next Hallyu star as he has been cast as 'Tea Seok,' the leading man of the horror series "Folklore" made by the popular American production company that made the fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones." He captivated the hearts of many teenage fans through the web-drama "Boyfriend 14 days ago" and is delighting many through the drama "Sweet Revenge 2." Jung Min-gyu is making his mark in web-dramas and other works so let's learn all there's to know about Jung Min-gyu right now!