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Bed time drink to lose WEIGHT & MELT BELLY, BACK, BUTTOCK fat like BUTTER just within A MONTH * How to lose WEIGHT & BELLY fast at home * Weight loss drink recipe * Gopal suthar Health & weight loss tips

Hello friends, Welcome to our channel "Gopal suthar Health & Weight loss tips" Our organs like liver, kidney, colon and lungs keep our body clean from inside by expelling unwanted toxic substances from our body, but due to some of our bad habits, the functioning of these organs have a bad effect, for this reason, the organs can not work according to their capacity, due to which the accumulation of fat in the stomach and the rest of the body, and gradually the weight of that person increases, along with this many other diseases take him into his trap.

The main reason behind all this is the habit of eating unhealthy food and junk food, this type of diet slows down the metabolic process, and causes fat accumulation in the body, so in today's"Gopal suthar Health & Weight loss tips" recipe, we are telling you about a home-made drink, the things that will be used in this drink will accelerate your metabolic activity, in this drink contains powerful diuretic properties, because of this, it removes the toxic substances of your body and makes it clean from inside. this will free your body from fat, boost metabolism, and accelerate the body's immune system.

So let's know about the things used in it and how to make it:


1. Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

2. A cucumber

3. 1 bunch of Parsley

4. Ginger root 1/2 inch

5. 1/3 glass of water

How to prepare and use it?
First, peel cucumber and ginger after that, cut the parsley into small pieces and put all these things in blender,mix all the things well by running blender, now your fat melting drink is ready, drink this prepared beverage daily before going to bed
In a few days, its results will surprise you. If you like this video, then just like it, share it, and follow to our channel, thank you all the friends for watching the video.

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