Hurricane Michael lashes Florida

  • 6 years ago
The most powerful storm to hit the coast of Florida in more than a century has made landfall.
Officials warn Hurricane Michael could bring catastrophic devastation.
For more on this and other news around the world we turn to our Ro Aram…
Aram… what's the latest?

Well Mark…. Hurricane Michael, now a Category four storm, crashed into Florida's northwestern Panhandle coast on Wednesday.
It has already started to flood towns and rip up tress and roofs.
The worst is yet to come as it is forecast to create a devastating storm surge of more than four meters.
Michael is packing winds of around 250 kilometers an hour, with Florida's governor saying it would be the worst hurricane to hit the region in a century.
The eye of the hurricane touched land near Mexico Beach, battering the tourist area with heavy rain and powerful winds.
People have been advised to stay indoors if they haven't already evacuated, as debris is flying around in the air outside.
Most of the hundreds of thousands of people told to evacuate have ignored the warnings, thinking they could ride the storm out.

"……….I'm staying. I'm in a Cat 5 building, that can take a Cat 5 (Category 5 hurricane) so that's it. I'm just going to stay close and make sure my stuff is all right and I'm going to make sure these other people's stuff is all right."

Reporter question: "But you never thought about leaving you are just staying put?"
Oaks: "No if it was that same storm coming right in here I'd definitely be gone but it's a good ways to the west of us."

At the White House, President Trump acknowledged Michael would be a "rough one" but said the government is ready for the storm.