Florida Man Tasered After Being Pulled Over on Stolen Tractor

  • 6 years ago

Police in Florida said a man was facing felony charges after he became violent towards an officer who pulled him over as he drove a stolen tractor in Washington County on September 28.The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released footage of the incident, which it said shows 28-year-old Charles Nicholas McNeil being pulled over on Douglas Ferry Road at around noon on Friday. Police said the man provided the officer with a false name and was found to be carrying a knife and a partially labeled prescription medication bottle, containing pills, in his pocket.“When the deputy began to detain McNeil, he turned away and aggressively attempted to flee,” police said in a statement. “As the deputy continued to apprehend McNeil, the suspect violently struggled with the deputy, hitting the deputy as he attempted to pick the deputy up and slam him to the ground.”The video then shows the deputy using a taser on McNeil as he runs away from the officer. He hit his head on the roadway and lost consciousness, police said, but regained consciousness before medics arrived and provided his correct name and date of birth to law enforcement. He was transported to hospital for treatment for his injuries.Police said McNeil stole the Massey Ferguson tractor from a 71-year-old man and they were seeking a felony arrest warrant on charges of grand theft. McNeil was also facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer. Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful