(taoyakaibs)taoyaka kawaraban Nobunaga 's economic power is divided into three keywords Part.2

  • 6 年前
It seems that Oda Nobunaga had economic power equivalent to the age of warring States. How Nobunaga has this economic power
Were you able to do it? Time is Sengoku period. If you do the same thing with other warlords, you have the same degree of economic power
You should not have gotten it. What was different between other warlords and Nobunaga?
So, when thinking about the difference between Nobunaga and other warlords, three key words come to mind. It's a "temple"
It is "harbor" "castle". It is also true that Nobunaga had greater economic power than other Sengoku Daimyo, but these three keywords
It seems to be related. It is precisely these are the sources of Nobunaga's economic power, is not it?
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