Shock As Shauna Coxsey Fails To Qualify For IFSC Mumbai Finals | Climbing Daily Ep. 710

  • il y a 5 ans
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After a short break, the IFSC Bouldering World Cup returned at the weekend, and this time the destination was Navi Mumbai, India.

The athletes struggled with the hot and humid conditions, which took a toll on a few big names. Most notable was Shauna Coxey’s absence from the finals after failing to make it through the semi-final round.

The boulders in the final were wickedly hard and only two of the problems were topped. Japan’s Akiyo Noguchi put her poor start to the season behind her and built on her performance in Chongqing to take third place, with Germany’s Monika Retschy defying all expectations to take second place and her first ever IFSC medal. The winner was 18-year-old Japanese climber Miho Nonaka, who took first with an impressive show of strength. This was her first ever gold medal and leaves her as one to watch in the future.

The men’s competition was closely contested, with the top four climbers all topping out four problems each. Eventually, Japan’s Kokoro Fujii took the gold medal, narrowly beating his teammate and countryman Tomoa Narasaki by just two attempts. Tamoa is looking strong at the moment, having won in Chongqing two weeks ago. Alexey Rubtsov of Russia continued his impressive string of podium finishes this season, taking third.

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Shock As Shauna Coxsey Fails To Qualify For IFSC Mumbai Finals | Climbing Daily Ep. 710

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