[HOT] Now I'll be happy.,내 인생의 노래 SONG ONE 20180826

  • 6년 전
Now I'll be happy.
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[A song of my life SONG ONE]

The power of empathy that the music brings!
Your life song! I'm proud of that one song as a sound source!
share the story of my life with the MC, and at the end, the performer directly sing and record the song in a music video format.
Memories of songs, songs of idols, high quality sound broadcast remake is announced in new colors!
It adds value as the music you want to possess rather than the music you consume.
Programs that share songs and memories on cassette tapes.
Songs reflect and project the times.
A humanitarian program that reminds the memories and songs of a star in a special space, conveys the story of a deep life through music, remembers the songs related to the crucial scenes of my life, and tells the true story of life.

★★★More "A song of my life SONG ONE" clips are available★★★
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