Entertaining Expert Mark Addison Shares Sangarita Cocktail Recipe That’s The Perfect Summer Drink

  • 6 years ago
In the video above, designer, author and entertaining expert Mark Addison shares his recipe for a light and tasty sangarita cocktail with Radar! The beverage, which is featured in Mark’s new book, Cocktail Chameleon, is a refreshing combination of tequila and Kim Crawford wine that’s bound to impress even the pickiest drinkers.

But what exactly makes this hybrid libation so special? When sangria meets margarita, the result is this citrusy wine cocktail boosted with an herbaceous hint of tequila that renders it an ideal accompaniment to Mexican food.

Furthermore, this adaptable recipe can be made with various fruits and liquors, and can also be prepped ahead of time, making it the ideal boozy beverage to bring to a party or serve at a soiree of your own.

Take the Mexican inspiration even further by rimming the glasses with citrus salt – a perfect way to balance out the sweet and fruity notes in the drink.

Check out the recipe below and taste the deliciousness for yourself!

Mark Addison’s Sangarita Cocktail

Makes 8 servings


4 oz reposado tequila
• 8 orange slices, quartered
• 4 lemon slices, quartered
• 8 lime slices, halved
• 24 grapes, halved
• 4 oz agave nectar
• 8 oz fresh orange juice
• 4 oz fresh lemon juice
• 4 oz fresh lime juice
• 1 bottle Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (chilled)
• 16 oz club soda (chilled)
• 8 clusters of green grapes for garnish


In the pitcher, stir together all the ingredients except the club soda, and refrigerate for 2 to 24 hours.
To serve, fill the 16-oz Fiesta glasses with ice and divide the sangria among them, topping each one with 2 oz of club soda.
Garnish each glass with a cluster of grapes.