Man develops serious condition because he exercised too much

  • 6 years ago
HUNAN / CHINA — A Chinese newspaper reports that a man had to be hospitalized because he exercised too much.

Mr. Luo, 36, usually does not exercise much, saying it's because his work keeps him busy.

However, Luo and his wife had just made plans to have their first baby. Like all future parents, they wanted to have a healthy infant, and they thought that if Mr. Luo worked out, it would have a positive impact on the health of their soon-to-be-conceived baby.

He went out for a 3-kilometer run and came back exhausted, with his leg muscles completely sore. He soon realized something was very wrong and went to the hospital.

After a medical examination, doctors concluded Luo was suffering from rhabdomyolysis, a condition during which damage skeletal muscles break down, releasing harmful proteins into the patient's blood.

Although the condition is mainly seen in people injured during earthquakes or similar disasters, it can affect anyone whose muscles become damaged. Doctors advise that people should carry out exercise appropriate to their physicality, and gradually increase the intensity of their workout sessions in order to avoid these kinds of issues.