EBOOK Reader The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-The-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall

  • 6 years ago
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Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2010-12-1 Pages: 307 Publisher: Random House In 2006. hedge fund manager John Paulson realized something fewothers suspected - that the housing market and the value of subprimemortgages were grossly inflated and headed for a major fall. Paulsons background was in mergers and acquisitions. however. andhe knew little about real estate or how to wager againsthousing. He had spent a career as an also-ran on Wall Street.But Paulson was convinced this was his chance to make his mark. Hejust wasnt sure how to do it. Colleagues at investment banksscoffed at him and investors dismissed him. Even prosskeptical about housing shied away from the complicated derivativeinvestments that Paulson was just learning about. But Paulsonand a handful of renegade investors such as Jeffrey Greene andMichael Burry began to bet heavily against risky mortgages and...