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Colloidal silver was widely used as a natural antibiotic and antiviral until the mid-20th century when its use was overshadowed by the development of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Now with the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections, colloidal silver has reentered the sights of medical researchers, alternative health practitioners, and those looking to take control of their own health. In this practical guide, the authors explore the many uses and benefits of colloidal silver for boosting immunity, reducing pain and inflammation, and treating more than 80 common diseases and conditions. They reveal how colloidal silver works against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including strep, staph, and candida, often in a matter of minutes. They examine how it accelerates the healing of cuts and bruises and how it can also be used to treat our animal companions. They explore its use, with no side effects, in the treatment of diseases of the eyes, skin, mouth, respiratory tract, and digestive tract as well as in the treatment of cancer. Debunking concerns about colloidal silver and argyria, the "blue man" phenomena associated with silver intake, the authors detail the correct dosages and applications of colloidal silver, including the proper "parts per million" (ppm) concentration for each ailment and for daily use. They explain what to look for when purchasing colloidal silver as well as how to make it at home. They also explore the long history of silver in folk medicine, including its use by Hildegard von Bingen, and its use in homeopathy, crystal healing, anthroposophic medicine, and spagyrics.