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  • 6 years ago
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Stop Slashing prices to compete with the big-box stores and start succeeding as a boutique business. A way for small-business owners to grow their client list through a focus on high-end service. The book shows why marketing strategies for boutique businesses can t follow the big-box mould. The authors provide a blueprint for how to maximise a client database to nurture loyalty; direct outreach through channels that will bring in the right customers; develop a brand that elevates a business; and run all business decisions through the "boutique filter" for consistent, unique, high-quality results. Serious marketing strategy, explained through vivid anecdotes, humour, and engaging discussions. The authors believe that running a small business should be fun. Their lessons in basic business economics and marketing strategy are presented through conversational explanation and easy-to-understand examples from the authors own network of boutique business owners. Written by marketing industry veterans who are also successful small-business owners. After founding her own photography studio, Sarah Petty partnered with Erin Verbeck to educate and inspire other small and boutique business owners to live their passion and pass their enthusiasm on to their customers -- without selling themselves short on pricing. The authors lead by example, demonstrating that you can grow a customer base that will happily pay you what you re worth.