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THE MATHEMATICS BOOK is unique! It is a beautiful how-to-do-it book blended with a lavishly illustrated coffee table book, especially created for people who have not found mathematics easy or appealing. It will guide the reader through fundamental numeracy areas such as fractions, percentages, algebra, geometry, metric units, and statistics. More than 2000 practice problems will help the reader master skills and develop confidence. However, mathematics is so much more than just skill development. This book will also give the reader a global perspective of mathematics ? the ideas, people, romance, history, infrastructure, and pivotal role it plays in modern society. Poetry, quotes, and hundreds of illustrations, enhance and clarify the key ideas. THE MATHEMATICS BOOK answers three big questions. What is mathematics? What is the point of learning it? What do we need to do to learn mathematics?FEATURES? User-friendly format. ? Show that mathematics can be beautiful, light-hearted, and fascinating.? Substantial, accurate, well-researched, and mathematically solid content.? The design enhances the communication of maths.? 120 full colour photographs and 400 diagrams.? 7 cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.? 14 poems that give an introduction to each of the chapters. ? 120 quotes give humorous, insightful or alternative views about mathematics.? A practical course in line with international adult numeracy standards ? Clear explanations supported by well set out worked examples. ? More than 2200 graded practise questions to assist in skill development? An encouraging ?anyone can do it? tone.