EBOOK Reader Economics for the Eager: Why Study Economics? (The Stuck Student s Guide to Picking

  • 6 years ago
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For your career success, it doesn t matter what you study, it matters WHY you study it. When it comes to choosing Economics as your college/university major or career, you can do it the easy way or the hard way. You can go on semesters and semesters wasting your parent?s money to figure out if it is a right major for you. Or you can read this book and figure it out in less than two hours. It is YOUR major, so the choice is yours. Economics is interesting?really!Do you want to make an informed decision to confidently choose Economics as your college major/minor or career? Before you waste your parents hard-earned money in added semesters & tuition and regret later, this is the only college guide you ll ever need.That s a bold claim but what makes this book different? Please read more below.When it comes to choosing your college/university major and career path, there is absolutely no need to change your mind multiple times. If you are stuck, over 18 top university professors reveal why Economics can be your perfect college/university major and career path in this peer-reviewed book.Who is this Book for?A senior High School student (transitioning to a college/university) who is undecided about his/her career pathAn undergraduate or freshman who feels underprepared to declare his/her major or minorA graduate student who wants to know about research issues and scholarship opportunitiesA career advisor/guidance counselor (or a parent) who wants to help their students/children with their career decisionsA graduate/practitioner who wants to know about the career options and best practice tips to take his/her career to the next level This Book Gives Answers to Hundreds of QuestionsThis is a peer-reviewed book, written by multiple top professors in plain English and published by the Curious Academic Publishing. In this book, top university professors answer hundreds of questions such as:What is Economics all about? What can you expect from this major?Why Economics can be your perfect career path?What are the research issues and scholarship opportunities in this area of study?What are the career options and best practice tips for the graduates?Take This Book as an InvestmentHow many times have you heard of people talking to themselves, "If only I had known this when I was a college student?" What if you never had to ask that question to yourself? If you are going to spend another 30-40 years of your life in Economics, take the price of this book ($9.99) as an investment for your future. Surprise yourself or gift this book to someone you care about. Why not Let the Experts Help YOU?You need help to make this important decision about your major/career which will impact the rest of your life. No excuses. No regrets. Just an incredible, meaningful, and exciting career in Economics! If you want to turn your college/university major into a successful career and rewarding life ?be better informed about the career options and research & scholarship opportunities in Economics? then please click ?Buy now with 1-Click?? button at the top of this page.