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Digital book What Doctors Don t Get to Study in Medical School [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2014] B.M.

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This is not a textbook as the author says but, in my opinion, this is a "Holy Text" of medicine and is a must read for everyone who deals with sickness. Richard Smith, MD, FRCP Former Editor, British Medical Journal, London Here, laid out clearly and concisely, are all the well-established potholes and pitfalls in current medical thinking and practice. It is a thought provoking challenge to modern medical practice and research. Dr Hegde confronts the issue, and proposes an alternative humanistic attitude to education and treatment. Drawing on a huge range of resources from Sanskrit texts, Green and European philosophers, ancient and modern healers, to the most up-to-date Western research and publications. He has written a book that is both scholarly yet easy to read, and which will appeal to everyone involved in medicine whether students, practitioners or patients. Editor, Amazon.com A great book from a great teacher and a must read for everyone. Dr GB Jain, FRCPE, DTMH Founder, Delhi College of Physicians and Surgeons, New Delhi ...What we have here is an overview of the entire system of medical care, seen through the wisdom of a man who cares. This book should be prescribed as must reading for those aiming to be future physicians and surgeons. Plainly, it is impossible to over-rate this magnificent contribution to the science of healing. MV Kamath Chairman, Prasaara Bharati, New Delhi It is a fascinating book distilling the author s philosophy of life and medicine after many years of professional experience as a senior Cardiologist, influenced by the Indian tradition of Ayurveda. I very much agree with the author s basic understanding of the natural processes of homeostasis which help us (and all living creatures) to adapt to our changing environment. This book is a development of the ideas of Ivan Illich in "Medical Nemesis," but it is more detailed and insightful. Lord Nicolas Rea, MP, Physician, House of Lords, London