Learn Colors Song | Baby Shark and More Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs for Kids and Toddlers

  • 6 years ago
Enjoy 15+ minutes of Learn Colors Song, Baby Shark, Animal Sounds Song, Are You Sleeping Brother John, Johny Johny Yes Papa, Finger Family and More Nursery Rhymes in this fun collection of kids and baby songs and engaging playlist for children. Click on time stamps below to view your favorites. Thanks for watching! \r
Watch your favorites:\r
0:00 – Learn Colors Song\r
2:32 – Baby Shark\r
4:21 – Halloween Song \r
5:40 – Animal Sounds Song\r
7:50 – Johny Johny Yes Papa\r
10:00 – Are You Sleeping Brother John\r
12:20 - If Youre Happy and You Know it\r
14:00 - Finger Family Camping\r
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Music production: Denisa Senovsky, Michael Creber, \r
Illustrations by: Denisa Senovsky\r
Copyright: Katie Cutie Entertainment Inc.