One Two Buckle My Shoe | Nursery Rhymes For Children And Babies | Kids Tv Nursery Rhymes

  • 6 years ago
Sing along to our version of the One Two Buckle My Shoe! Lyrics of the song:\r
One, two,\r
Buckle my shoe;\r
Three, four,\r
Knock on the door;\r
Five, six,\r
Pick up sticks;\r
Seven, eight,\r
Lay them straight:\r
Nine, ten,\r
A big, fat hen;\r
Eleven, twelve,\r
Dig and delve;\r
Thirteen, fourteen,\r
Maids a-courting;\r
Fifteen, sixteen,\r
Maids in the kitchen;\r
Seventeen, eighteen,\r
Maids a-waiting\r
Nineteen, twenty,\r
My plates empty\r
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