Polly Pocket | Polly Pocket Wall Party Playset

  • 6 years ago
Take your Polly Pocket adventures off the floor and onto the wall with this new exciting play set!\r
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Team up with Polly Pocket for the ultimate adventure! Polly is confident, cool, friendly, optimistic, adventurous, resourceful, and loyal. She loves having fun, adventures, and, importantly, friends. Polly Pocket also has many hobbies, such as roller-skating, snowboarding, shopping, playing music, and singing!\r
Team up with Polly Pocket for the ultimate adventure! \r
⭐️Polly Pocket is a clever and curious inventor always on the lookout for adventure! When she inherits a magic locket from her grandmother, Polly realizes she can shrink to a pocket-size, making her world bigger than ever!\r
⭐️Lila is one of Polly Pockets best friends and on demand fashion stylist. Using her passion for fashion, Lila always has the right accessory on hand when their tiny adventures call for a fashion fix!\r
⭐️With Shanis extremely cautious nature and Pollys love for adventure, these two best friends balance each other out! Polly pushes Shani to be more adventurous while Shanis remarkable intelligence keeps their adventures from going totally awry!\r
⭐️Nicolas loves to focus on the strange and mysterious which ultimately leads him to Polly and her locket! Once Polly shows him all the good that can be done with the locket, Nicolas joins Pollys squad and makes the Pocket Promise to keep Pollys secret.