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Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners | Blockchain Explained | Blockchain PodCast | Techracers

Company: Techracers

Host: Rishank Jhavar

Blockchain Developer (Speaker): Ayush Tiwari

With the rise in technological advancements, we’ve become acutely aware of the need for blockchain. We intend to create a self-paced blockchain learning network where we invite enthusiasts from the globe to participate. The Techracers blockchain developers believe that it would probably be worthwhile to keep the blockchain community afloat the latest developments and blockchain disruption. The podcast aim is to organize sessions for both neophytes and experts. Topics we discussed in this episode.

The blockchain technology- in easy terms
Why is blockchain needed?
What is ‘decentralized’ and ‘distributed’?
What is the scope of blockchain application?
What are the industries where blockchain technology can disrupt OR have already disrupted?

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