Caught UFO flying saucers while sending UFO orbs

  • 6 years ago
Some people caught on video UFOs flying saucers sending light balls UFO orbs We had talked before about such mysterious balls of light Orbs, which has often been a number of questions about the source from many interpretations of the followers
Some say it is a secret technology that governments have not yet disclosed
And some of them who would explain that it is from the world of jinn
Others explain this through hologram technology
Finally, there are many who say that it is an extraterrestrial technology and it is the UFOs that send it to various work, such as monitoring, gathering information and samples, and returning it to the UFO, where aliens gather information about the planet.
In this video there are some clips showing the flying saucers and they are already sending mysterious light balls
We do not know how true the videos are, but if these videos are real, they are conclusive evidence that the source of these balls of light is space and that it is not human technology.

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