Tourist center ceiling collapse on top of tourists in China - TomoNews

  • 6 years ago
HUAYIN CITY, CHINA — CCTV footage shows a shocking scene where a ceiling collapsed on top of tourists who were riding down on an escalator in northwestern China on Saturday.

At a popular Chinese tourist spot in Huayin City, Shanxi province, tourists on the escalator were seen looking up in fear as the ceiling suddenly collapsed on top of them.

Spectators quickly ran over to help to remove the debris and escort the injured tourists away from the scene, luckily, no one was seriously hurt.

Nine injured tourists were taken to Huayin People's Hospital for treatment while the tourist centre is working with local authorities to establish the cause of the collapse, the facility will remain closed for now.

According to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News, out of the nine injured tourists, three of them are still in the hospital for treatment, while the rest await medical checkups.