Speedpaint - Mystreet Many many Chibis [ fanart ] plus chicken shaman Dont REPOST MY ARTWORK K thnx
  • 6 years ago
DO NOT REPOST MY WORK. it already says further down the page, not to repost, edit, or claim my work as your own, and Im really starting to get tired of having to ask people to take my work down.\r
Bıınnnnnn why are you doin more fanart of dıiş\r
Because I really wanted to draw a ton of chibis? Uh..yeah I made this as a gift to send someone, was a lot of fun playing with a slightly different chibi style. Also in doing all these ones at once we probably wont have anymore MCD/mystreet fanart for awhile. Anyway hope you like it, and Ill do some original work again soon. Just enjoying this kinda work for the moment C: [my goodness ._. Im aware the chicken shaman isnt in the mystreet eps, I said previously I drew it as a gift for someone, this also included that charer because it was part of the gift -.- ]\r
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Artwork is 100% my own please do not take or use without my permission. Do no repost without permission, edit or claim as your own.\r
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