LetterSchool - learn to write letters and numbers Apps for Kids
  • 6 years ago
LetterSchool is a letter-writing app that incorporates engaging animated features. As kids write a letter, it animates; for example, it may light up or turn into a rocket flying through space. While this app is meant for kids who can probably already recognize their ABCs, each letter is first labeled and paired with an object to reinforce letter recognition. Parents can adjust the settings, so kids can also price writing numbers and lowercase letters. The app saves settings and progress for up to three kids.\r
Kids will enjoy watching the animation for each letter, which will help them remember correct formation.\r
LetterSchool does a great job of teaching letter writing with a three-step process: learn the starting points for each stroke, trace the letter, and write the letter without hints. While the animated features are cool and highly imaginative, they could be a little distring for some early learners, who may not recognize that the lawnmower mowing the grass is ually writing the letter F. However, the app does give kids opportunities to see and write the letters without animations. LetterSchool also provides motivation for price by creating two rounds that require kids to write all the letters multiple times.