Let's Watch FIM S8 Ep 9:Non-Compete Clause

  • 6 years ago
This Ep was fun, altho I admit that AJ and RD got a just a little "bit" cringing. I'm not sure if it's out of their character or not but them during that walk up to the Dead Man's Chest scene is a "you like them" or "you can't stand them" kind of characters. And they rightfully got the message. HOPEFULLY, but what's next for their rivalry? AJ joining the Wonerbolts?

I'm enjoying the Young6 as characters. Yona was quite noticeable, "Yak best at everything! But yak can't swim..." X3 Ocellus is my fave so fave, just keep her and Angel apart during Nightmare Night. Overall I'd rate this a 3.4 Cutie Marks, RD and AJ "clearly trying too hard to not be competitive" is up to you rather it fits.