Bystanders Help Rescue Man Trapped in Capsized Boat on Oregon Coast

  • 6 years ago
Oregon resident Lisa Watson captured video of good samaritans helping Coast Guard crews rescue a man trapped underneath a boat that capsized near Brookings on April 25.Two US Army Corps of Engineers surveyors were conducting a routine survey on the survey boat Graham at the Chetco River Jetty entrance near Brookings, when the boat capsized, according to reports. One of the surveyors was able to swim to shore, but the other was trapped inside. Bystanders alerted a nearby Coast Guard boat crew.This video shows Coast Guard crew members attempting to pull in the capsized boat to shore with the surveyor trapped inside. The bystanders on the beach joined in to help the Coast Guard crew pull in the vessel and lift it to release the man.The two surveyors were taken to a nearby hospital, according to reports.In a post to Facebook, Watson described the event as “a miracle!” Credit: Lisa Watson via Storyful