Salman Khan PROUDLY Flaunts His Picture With P. V. Sindhu | Rio Olympics 2016

  • 6 years ago
Yes, Salman Khan was a typical fan yesterday as he shared the pic he had with Sindhu the one and only silver medal winner for the country at the Rio Olympics. Every Indian yesterday was waiting with bated breath only to see that one shot which would have given the spunky Sindhu her deserved gold. However so what if she didn’t win a gold, she did bring a silver back home.

The Indian girls are surely doing the country proud and it is indeed a time of pride for entire Bharat. Sindhu had a nail biting match and Salman who has equally shot such nail biting sequences knows the qualms and problems of meeting up expectations and living up to everyone’s wish.

Yes often when Bhai’s films release people expect it to be a 300 crore hit and more than once Bhai has proved this right. However today is a time for Bhai to feel like a fan and we are loving to see his childlike glee what say.