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Bollywood Celebs & Their Starry Demands | Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan

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Bollywood Trivia
Starry Demands of Bollywood stars
When you are a Bollywood star you sure would love to be a part of the star demand circle. Not only it brings you into focus but also gives them the confidence to move ahead in their profession. Here are some starry demands made by stars

Sonakshi’s NO NO For Kiss scenes
Much as she comes across as a bold Dabangg gal, Sonakshi does have her qualms about kissing scenes and is still uncomfortable to do them. Her starry demand is therefore a movie without close embarrassing scenes.

Salman’s No NO For Aishwarya and SRK
Yes, Salman Khan’s demand when he promotes films on dance shows is that none of the contestants should dance to his songs, or songs featuring Ash or SRK. Well he may have a reason and logic for it but till today it has been adhered to.

Rekha’s No to Fitoor
Fitoor the well made film which however did not do well in box office had the Bollywood Diva Rekha in it. However she did not like her look in the flick and walked out giving Tabu a choice role to remember. These are ways of exerting star status.

Kareena’s NO NO to Many Stars
Kareena Kapoor is a talented actor but she has a list of actors she would work with and would work with none else. Hence we do not see Bebo with so many other stars and also have seen her miss out on good opportunities.

Kangana’s No NO to Answer Questions
Kangana Ranaut rightfully the Queen of Bollywood has her assistant answer to all queries. So no one would find Kangy replying to any question thrown at her and she insists her assistant has to travel with her everywhere.

Hrithik’s No NO to Outside Chefs and Food
Hrithik is a health freak and insists on having a good gym wherever he goes. He also takes his cook along who cooks for him even in the hotel kitchens. A perfectionist indeed of the first order what say?

Akshay The Khiladi Perfectionist
Yes Akshay is a simple man with perfect tastes. He has a feasible star demand of not working on Sundays and also not available after ten in the night. Logical and good for health. A perfect family man he knows how to balance his priorities.
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