Valverde: "This defeat hurts us and hurts our people"

hace 6 años
Rome (Italy), Apr 11 (EFE) - (Camera: Jorge Ortiz). FC Barcelona entered Tuesday's Champions League quarterfinal showdown here with AS Roma leading 4-1 after the first leg only to crash out of Europe's elite club tournament with a 3-0 defeat that allowed the Italian side to advance by virtue of their away goal at Camp Nou.
- "It was a painful defeat, I have no doubt. Everyone has hope when one starts a competition aimed at winning. In the end only one wins and the other remains behind. Unexpectedly it was us today and now we have to keep moving forward."
- "We have to focus on the matches that we have left and try to win because we have not won anything in either of them. Obviously a defeat hurts a lot. It hurts us and hurts our people."
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