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10 Most AMAZING Things Ever Found Underwater

Super Kaka
what's 71 percent of the Earth's surface being covered in water it's no surprise there are hidden gems located beneath the surface from buried treasures UFOs and entire cities you never know what you'll find when you take a dive  today we'll be sharing 10 most amazing things ever found underwater just wait until you see the photos of a sunken pirate city in the Caribbean we promise it'll shock you

The lost Egyptian city
The lost Egyptian city in the year 2000 French archaeologists discovered an entire Egyptian city 30 feet below the Mediterranean Sea known as her alley and the city was a vibrant and bustling town judging by the artifacts that were found numerous statues of ancient Pharaoh's pieces of artwork coins made of gold lead and bronze and a fleet of ships were discovered on the floor of the sea it's unknown how the city managed to get submerged beneath the water many believe the rising of the sea could have swallowed the entire city or the town was possibly the victim of a natural disaster such as a tidal wave or a massive earthquake.
A Hidden River
a hidden River scientists have discovered a river that follows along the bottom of the black-themed deep sea divers explored the area and found that the river has its own waterfalls trees and leaves the river's layers of dense water were formed when sinkholes became filled with saltwater the water moves along the ocean floor at a rate of a half a mile per day it's like a whole new world below the surface of the sea if this river were on land it would be the sixth largest river in the world would you like to take a deep-sea adventure to visit this river let us know in the comments section down below

The Pyramid of Yonaguni
The Pyramid of Yonaguni a scuba instructor dived off the coast of the Japanese island Yonaguni in 1996 and what he discovered was shocking hidden below the surface was a perfectly designed pyramid complete with steps columns and a human face carved inside the rocks in the following years experts visited the underwater site and concluded it had been man-made in approximately 10,000 BC it's been said that the pyramid sunk into the ocean after a massive earthquake

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