Wendy Williams Breaks Down In Tears Live On Air During Her First Show Since Announcing Illness

  • 6 years ago
It’s been three weeks since Wendy Williams had to take a hiatus from her hit talk show to take care of her health, particularly her battle with Graves Disease. On Monday she returned to the show, and it was clearly an emotional moment for her.

Even without saying a word, merely stepping out from behind the scenes to greet her audience, they gave her a standing ovation and a big applause. After sitting down, the 53-year-old finally spoke to the audience as she dabbed her tears, “Thank you for understanding the three weeks. Hopefully you got your closets cleaned and you did stuff, right?”

She could barely get the words out as she continued, “Thank you for understanding behind the scenes. Thank you for being my special people.”  She also said, “I do the show, but there are hundreds of people who are the show, and they don’t’ really get the credit that they deserve. So, thank you to everyone.”

And even amid her husband Kevin’s cheating scandal, she thanked him for being by her side throughout her ordeal. “I have to really credit my family, you know, my son Kevin and also my husband Kevin, the love of my life. I could not have done this without you," she said.

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