Edited Pinkie Pie Makes Meme Pinkies

  • 6 years ago
Originally uploaded on Ponifed Star Master

I have decided to re-upload some of the videos from Star Gumball Extras, Rainbirds Plays, and Ponifed Star Master to this Dailymotion account. Those channels will (or had already) be remove due to the lack of interest and due to most of them have already either been merged or moved in my main Youtube channel, Mixed Star Master.

Extra Notes
Since this video was made at Early 2017, the We Are Number One Meme and Mixels was popular at the time. This is also my last full YTP/Edited video before the Ranbirdness series and the end of most edited stuff on my Youtube channels.

Original Description
Pinkie Pie decides to make Meme Pinkie Clones.
This is my first video on this channel.
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Regular Show belongs to Cartoon Network
Angry Birds Movie belongs to Rovio
Mixels belongs to Lego
Music/Sounds used:
Tik Tok
We Are Number One
Angry Birds Go! Time Boom
Blue Skies
Roblox Death Sound
How Could This Happened to Me