Silent Hill 4: The Room or (Horror ≠ Fun) ➣ RagnarRox

  • 6 years ago
Why Team Silent made Silent Hill 4 - The Room less fun to play than its predecessors.\r
On purpose.\r
And why this was an extremely curageous and avant-garde move.\r
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Games in this video (in order of appearance):\r
Silent Hill 4: The Room\r
Tomb Raider (new)\r
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes\r
Spec Ops: The Line\r
Movie scenes used in this video (in order of appearance):\r
Transformers 3\r
Beast With no Nation\r
Schindlers List\r
The Karate Kid (1984)\r
The Sixth Sense\r
The Happening\r
The Last Airbender\r
A Clockwork Orange\r
Special Thanks for assistance:\r
Joji Here\r
By the way, Im Ragnar and this game design shows called RagnarRox - with 2 rs and 1 x ➣ not Ragnarox, not RagnarRoxx, nor Ragnar Rox.