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FUNNY PRANKS! FOOD PRANK GROSS School Lunch Snack PRANK KIDS April Fools Joke Spicy Fruit By The Foot Snacks

All Toy Collector
Best April Fools Day tricks, jokes, and pranks! Trick your family, friends, kids, co-workers this April Fools Day! This prank is a spicy Fruit by the Foot, yucky jello juice and more!

Funny Pranks! Best April Fools Day Food Trick Pranks Mayo Pudding and Carrot Cheetos School Lunch Prank by AllToyCollector
Best pranks for kids and adults. Prank your friends, coworkers, and parents with these pranks. This video includes a trick on making mayo pudding, fake gum, and putting carrots in a cheetos bag.

FOOD PRANK April Fools Day PRANK DAD Doritos & Candy Pie + FAKE BACON Funny Ideas April Fools Joke

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