Kiralık Aşk [Love For Rent] Best Turkish TV Series 2015–2017 - Best Turkish Romantic Comedy TV Series

  • 6 years ago
Kiralık Aşk [Love For Rent] Best Turkish TV Series 2015–2017- Turkish Best Romantic Comedy TV Series

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Kiralık Aşk (English title: Love for Rent) is a Turkish romantic comedy television series, starring Elçin Sangu, Barış Arduç, Salih Bademci, Sinem Öztürk, Nergis Kumbasar, and Levent Ülgen. It premiered on Star TV on June 19, 2015. The final episode aired on January 20, 2017.


A waitress named Defne Topal (Elçin Sangu) finds herself in a love game when she needs money to pay off her brother's debt. Defne looks after her grandmother, her young sister and her older brother, because her mother and father left her and her siblings. One day, a man named Ömer İplikçi (Barış Arduç) kisses her abruptly because he wants to save himself from a blind date which his aunt arranged for him. Unbeknownst to Defne and Ömer, Ömer's aunt Neriman (Nergis Kumbasar) saw the kiss.

After that, Neriman comes with an offer to Defne to marry and then leave the man she rented her for. Neriman is ready to give 400.000 liras, but Defne only takes the money she needed (200.000 liras) and accepts the offer to save her brother from the people he is indebted to. She starts as an assistant near Ömer İplikçi, unaware of the fact that he is the man who kissed her until she sees him on her first work day.She has 6 months to marry and then leave him.

Ömer İplikçi has a work obsession and is generally hard-to-please. But when Defne becomes his assistant, his life changes forever.

Barış Arduç:-

Barış Arduç is a Turkish television and film actor. He was born on 9 October 1987, in Switzerland, to a family of Albanian immigrants. At the age of 8, Barış Arduç moved to Turkey with his family. He speaks three languages: Turkish, English, and Albanian.

Since May 2016, he is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the Life Without Cancer Society of Turkey. In March 2017, he won the GQ Turkey award "Mostly Spoken Man of the year 2016".

Elçin Sangu:-

Elçin Sangu was born 13 August 1985, Izmir, Turkey. She is a Turkish actress and model. She graduated from Opera Department at Mersin University and took acting lessons at the Sahne Tozu Theatre. She is best known for her leading role Defne in the Star TV romantic comedy series Kiralık Aşk from June 2015 until its finale in January 2017.

For this work, she has received more than 10 awards, including three Golden Butterfly Awards.


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