Harvey Weinstein hits back at Gwyneth Paltrow allegations

  • 6 years ago
Just when we thought the scandal couldn’t get any worse… It does. Harvey Weinstein has now claimed that Gwyneth Paltrow's sexual harassment allegations against him are false.

This is because she continued to work with him after the alleged misconduct took place.

The 65-year-old disgraced producer has faced several allegations of sexual misconduct after a damning New York Times article published in October, including claims from actress Gwyneth who alleged Weinstein harassed her during the filming of 1994 movie 'Emma'.

But now, in response to a class action lawsuit which was filed against Weinstein and his production company, the producer has claimed the star wasn't "offended" by anything that happened whilst they worked on the movie.

Any why? Because she returned to star in 'Shakespeare in Love' - which was produced by Weinstein - in 1998.

The blonde actress later won an Oscar for her role as Viola in the movie.