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HT Leadership Summit || Famous Cancer specialists Dr Ahutosh K Tewari and Dr Madhav Dhodapkar

HT Leadership Summit
HT Leadership Summit
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Cancer specialists Dr Ahutosh K Tewari and Dr Madhav Dhodapkar, at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, agreed that lifestyle changes play a major role in preventing the disease.

Cancer kills 700,000 people every year and 30% of these deaths can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes and early detection, said Indian-American cancer specialist Dr Ashutosh K Tewari at the 15th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Thursday.
Tewari, professor and chair of urology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, set the tone for the session, titled How to beat cancer, with the suggestion that India should open itself to a more honest conversation on the disease.

“If you begin the fight early on when it’s possible to zap the cells, cancer is treatable ... but if you wait for the symptoms, the fight gets difficult,” Dr Tewari said.

The session also featured Dr Madhav Dhodapkar, professor of medicine and immunology at Yale Cancer Center in the US.

The session was moderated by Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the deputy director general of the World Health Organization.
“Prevention is possible by reducing exposure to known risk factors such as tobacco use, obesity, environmental toxins, chemicals, food contaminants, and high fat-high-sugar diets and getting vaccinated against infections such as hepatitis B and HPV virus, which raises the risk of cervical cancer,” Dr Swaminathan said.

Cancer doesn’t develop overnight, it takes eight to 10 years, according to Dhodapkar, who is doing cutting-edge research on new genetic markers to help identify cancers in early stages and using targeted immunotherapies to treat the disease.

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