How Joe Weider Cultivated The Greatest Bodybuilders Of All Time | Bodybuilding Chronicles

  • 6 years ago
Exploring how Joe Weider discovered and shaped Shawn Ray... and countless other bodybuilding greats.

To say that Joe Weider was the godfather of bodybuilding would be an understatement. Joe Weider essentially IS bodybuilding - he's the man that shaped exactly what it is today. He brought us the athletes, the magazines, and the kind of tone that still reverberates throughout the bodybuilding industry even now. While many others have held his responsibilities and mantles since his passing in 2013 - there will forever now be new athletes who never had a chance to experience the presence of Joe Weider.

That's why in this week's episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles, Shawn Ray shares a play by play of every single moment that led up to, and through, his relationship working with Joe Weider. In this epic first hand retelling of Weider's discovery of Shawn - get the most intimate and detailed understanding of Joe Weider possible. It will open your eyes on exactly how and why Joe Weider created and discovered some of the most legendary bodybuilders the world has ever seen... bodybuilders that will continue to be discussed and known for decades and decades past today.

Joe Weider was the heart of bodybuilding - and it continues to beat today because of his life long dedication to the sport. This episode is in dedication to the godfather of bodybuilding. Check out the full story above.

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