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What If A Plane Door Opens Mid-Flight?

What Would Happen If The Aircraft Door Opened While Flying? Here Is Your Answer:
Aircraft Cabins Are Pressurised To Keep The Oxygen Levels Normal At High Altitudes. If The Door Is Opened At High Altitudes, The Cabin Would Depressurise In milliseconds.
The Depressurisation Would Suck Out Anything That Isn’t Fastened Or Tied Down. This Includes Human Beings Seated Or Standing Close To The Door
If The Oxygen Masks Are Not Worn Quickly, Lack Of Oxygen Will Lead To Hypoxia And Hypoxia Could Lead To Nausea, Unconsciousness, And In Extreme Cases, Death.
The Opening Of A Door At High Altitude Puts Uneven Stress On The Airframe. Hence, There Is Also A Possibility That The Aircraft Or Part Of It Could Break Apart
How To Survive Depressurisation In An Aircraft? Well, That Depends On The Pilot, As He Would Have To Lower The Aircraft. Humans Can Breathe Normally At Altitudes Of Below 10,000 Feet. This Means, Loss Of Cabin Pressure Does Not Matter And Everyone Will Survive.
After Knowing All This, You Should Also Know That There Are Multiple Locking Mechanisms To Hold An Aircraft Door In Place. So, Chances Of A Door Coming Off Are Almost Non-Existent.

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