Ronda Rousey Signed with WWE but She Isn't Done Fighting

  • 6 years ago
By now you’ve probably heard that Ronda Rousey has joined the WWE, but what does it all mean?

Well, as she puts it, this is her life for the future. But does that mean she’s given up her mma career. You’d think so, right?

But actually, she hasn’t.

Ronda made headlines when she walked out at the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, marking her first big time gig since unceremoniously leaving the UFC after her second consecutive knock out loss.

But the only thing she has in her sights is a rumored appearance in New Orleans for WWE on April 8th… and there’s even a report that the wrestling league is trying to hook her up The Rock for an epic tag team match that would certainly blow the roof off the place.

Rousey has long been a pro wrestling fan but don’t shut out the chance that she might step back into the octagon in the future.

But if it does happen, it won’t happen for a while.

She took home a reported $3 million purse for her 47 second loss at UFC 207.