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John Wong
John Wong's University of Biblical Prophecy Science (Post Doctoral degree course): Prophecies in Daniel, Leviticus & Revelation

Since the nations at the end of Latinos in the world are represented by two soles and ten toes of the golden head statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream, Germany is the second toe of the right foot. Therefore, Hitler in Nazi Germany (A.D.1933-A.D.1945) also fulfilled the prophecy of six hundred and sixty-six as a rehearsal. The Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 18, prophesied that the name number of the Sea Beast (False God) is six hundred and sixty-six. It reveals the year that the Kingdom of False God will appear in the last days of the earth. From the birth of Jesus Christ in 4B.C., the year in which the Kingdom of False God can emerge on earth must triple the number of six hundred and sixty-six years. Hence, there is no doubt that Palestinian State will become the Anti-Christ and eventually fulfills all prophecies about Israel. At the end of the world, False God (Sea beast) inevitably will emerge from Islamic League. This is the most horrific end-time Anti-Christ who will emerge from Islamic League. The Islamic League was described in the Book of Daniel, chapter 7, `The fourth sea beast has ten horns and thereafter has a little horn with an eye'. The little horn is Palestinian State. The little horn has an eye means it has foresight. Therefore, the False Prophet may come from the Palestinian state. False God, False prophet and False Christ are collectively referred to as Anti-Christ. They consist of many people. For example, there should be seven False Christs because the Sea Beast has seven heads. There should be two False Prophets because the Earth Beast has two horns. In the last three and a half years at the end of the world, Satan (Great Red Dragon) will become False Christ. He deluded people in the world to worship the fourth Sea Beast. At that time, the fourth Sea Beast will change his role from False Christ to False God.

From the going forth of 2nd commandment to rebuild Jerusalem to the confirmation of the existence of Israel and Palestine (Oslo Accords on Friday, 10th Sept.,1993): 457B.C.+(7x70)x5→A.D.1993.

The value of Greek word, Lateinos, (L=30,A=1,T=300,E=5,I=10,N=50,O=70,S=200): 30+1+300+5+10+50+70+200→666

From the birth of Jesus Christ to Palestinian Authority possessed land to administer: 4B.C.+666x3→A.D.1994

From A.D.1 to the Holy Covenant, Wye River Memorandum, signed between Israel and Palestine: 666x3→A.D.1998


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