Jeremy Piven reportedly passes lie detector test

  • 7 years ago
In response to those sexual assault claims, Jeremy Piven said he would take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

And he apparently did that very thing.

According to reports, the Entourage star took three lie detector tests of November 13th and passed with flying colors.

The information comes from The Blast, and they claim that a member of the American Polygraph Association administered the test, asking questions if he ever fondled, groped, cornered, or grabbed any of his accusers.

To which Piven answered No to all.

And he reportedly passed, with no signs of deception.

There’s still no telling what Jeremy plans to do with these results, or if he will release them to the public… but rumor has it he’s been an emotional wreck in the wake of these allegations.

Just a few days before, Piven reportedly broke down in tears while working on his new CBS series, Wisdom of the Crowd, and he walked off set in front of a stunned production.

There have been no reports if that show will continue filming in the wake of these allegations.