LetterSchool - Alphabet and Number Writing Education App for Kids [FULL Version]

6 лет назад
We have noticed an overall interest in writing so we decided to get the FULL version of LetterSchool by Sanoma.\r
As mentioned in our earlier FREE version preview the teaching approach is nice with 3 stages, animated example of proper strokes, guided writing and unguided, this was good as most apps dont break it down this way.\r
I do like how off track writing strokes force your kid start again. The sound and animation quality is pretty good and well made plus I like the way the app handles rotation of the iPad from Landscape to Portrait, most apps are just designed for Landscape.\r
Full version Offers the entire Alphabet in Upper and Lower Case along with numbers for 1-10 (Would have been nice to have seen more numbers)\r
- Uppercase K - 0:28\r
- Uppercase P - 0:58\r
- Lowercase w - 3:11\r
- Lowercase g - 4:43\r
- Number 8 - 6:40\r
- Number 10 - 8:10\r
Available on iTune App Store for USD4.99at