How Bill Skarsgard Mastered His Voice as Pennywise in 'IT'

6 years ago
Bill Skarsgard is now a household name thanks to his performance in the hit horror remake of “It,” and now he’s able to reveal some of the ways he made Pennywise such a nightmare on screen.
First lesson: Mastering his character’s voice.
Skarsgard tells Variety’s Playback podcast how he came up with the creepy sounds… He says, “The voice for me sort of started out with a laugh… I was playing around with a laugh, but on the verge of a panic attack and crying at the same time. When I started doing it just by myself, I started to creep myself out.”
Considering Skarsgard’s character is more of a monster or demon than an actual human or real clown, he reportedly wanted to make his laugh sound otherworldly.
According to the Thrillist, Skarsgard also has a natural ability to smile like a, quote, “complete psychopath,” so that was also easily achievable for the actor.
Safe to say Skarsgard’s voice as Pennywise will be haunting fans dreams for a long time.