Kids learn ABC spelling, letters, Words and Animals with Learn letters English alphabet
  • 6 лет назад
Have you ever thought of teaching your children English in a fun and easy way? Do you wonder how to do it so that your toddler learns alphabet effortlessly?\r
This great kids game will help your children to learn many new things, including:\r
✔ The alphabet\r
✔ Letters\r
✔ Spelling \r
✔ English words\r
✔ English pronunciation\r
Application is totally for FREE!\r
But mostly, your kids will have a lot of fun with this game! It proves that learning can be both fun and motivating experience!\r
Try our newest educational game Happy alphabet ABC for kids! Enjoy playing with your toddlers and teaching them the alphabet!\r
This amazing game allows your child to learn basic English words, the alphabet and its sounds but also teaches your toddler fine motor skills and lets them discover the world inside the game! \r
So download it now and let your child join the magical flying saucer that brings knowledge!\r
Dont think that learning is just for school! Give your toddler an early start and teach them English with ABC HAPPY LETTERS – this will help them in their future, as they will quickly learn proper English sounds and pronunciation. \r
A great game for toddlers - it will help them with spelling and English simultaneously! In addition, thanks to the bright and colorful drawings, the game helps to develop your childs imagination, creativity and color perception. Older kids can use it to learn how to read and work on their pronunciation. ABC HAPPY LETTERS is the best choice in toddler teaching, and will quickly become your kids favorite educational game!\r
Our game includes 26 words that can be explored, listened to and learnt by all children.Each word features an interive letter puzzle with talking animated letters and an animation illustrating the definition of the word. Thus, the child can learn the letter sounds and the word in English, while learning how to spell! If children click on an animation, it will become interive and will do funny ions, so dont forget to click anything you see – there are many surprises waiting for you! :) \r
You will be very impressed to see how fast kids learn alphabet using our Happy alphabet ABC phonic game! This is the best choice for preschool learning and toddlers. Try it for free today and your kids will never tire of playing it!\r
Happy alphabet ABC offers:\r
- 26 English words to explore and learn\r
- teaches children letters, spelling, and words\r
- beautiful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way\r
- helps toddlers and younger children to learn and improve their memory, attention and fine motor skills thanks to its features such as tracing letters\r
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