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Episode:"Kahani Var Ke Dinner Ki " of || Kahani Var Var Ki || - "Marriage Comedy"

Bumper Clap Entertainment
Bumper Clap Entertainment
II Kahani Var Var Ki II

Kahani Var Ke Dinner Ki

As much as a marriage is the foundation of ongoing life, and makes the world go round, it is also the reason and butt of endless jokes. The everyday interactions of a husband and wife, the sweet banter they share, the fights they have... come together to create many interesting scenarios. This relationship is the mainstay of the show "Kahani Var Var Ki". As the name suggests, it is a spoof on an erstwhile bumper hit serial, and attempts to break the notion of the happy family picture painted by it, albeit in a funny, harmless way. It stokes the curiosity of audience by introducing funny episodes and jokes all along.

Cast :- Saandesh Nayak, Isha Rawat, Vishwanath Chatterjee
DOP :- Parminder Pandey
Show packaging :- Nik Shobha Gohain
Editor :- Manish Paswan
Produced By :- BumperClap Entertainment
Directed By :- Sanjeev Chadha
Genre: Comedy

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