Stolen Motorcycle Chase KTM690 Duke VS WR450 supermoto. Stops after he cant shake the supermoto

6 лет назад
SUB FOR MORE MOTORCYCLE VIDEOS!!! Guy had his brand new ktm 690 duke stolen and we chased him down on the supermoto. after he thot he couldnt shake the 450 he pulls over and makes up a good alibi that only gets him tampering with a motor vehicle and he is free the next day to steal again. We did not plan on finding the bike so we dident have the proper gopro equipment unfortionatly the wrist mount flips up as soon as the chase began he should have had no problem leaving the 450 on that 690 but Id say he got tired of blowing red lights and riding threw town at 80mph. The Gopro runs out of memory ending the video the cops showed up soon after and he was arrested.